The Home of Games in Philly

The Philly Game Forge is a community-driven coworking space for games in Philadelphia. We’re here to help people work together, play together, and create together.

Some members are here for a place to work. Some are here to inspire or be inspired. Some are here to learn, create, and collaborate. Some are here just to support our amazing community initiatives like Philly Dev Night.

As a member of the Forge, you don't just belong to a space, you belong to a community—the amazing, talented, incredible community that is the Philadelphia Game Forge.

Do I need to be a professional game creator?

No way! The Forge has programmers, designers, artists, musicians, writers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, students: game makers. You don’t need to be working in the game field; a simple interest will do. This could be your chance to break into a new industry, or just support the game development community of Philadelphia.

Don’t be shy—we would love to have you!

Some of our initiatives

Philly Dev Night

Every Thursday night at 7pm, we open up the Forge to the local game community. Dev Night is a once-a-week event geared towards anyone interested in playing or creating games.

It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring game developer, artist, writer, or even just a gamer! Dev Night will probably have something to offer. We talk games, play games, make games, compete, collaborate, and share. Dev Night is a creative time for creative people in a creative space.

Philly Game Showcase

Every year, the Forge shows off the most inspiring games created by our community. If you participate in Dev Night’s monthly game jams, this is your chance to shine and show the world just what it means to make games in Philly.

Philly IGDA

The Forge houses Philly's chapter of the International Game Developers Association. In addition to providing a point-of-contact to other game-makers worldwide, the Philly IGDA organizes the best and brightest games events in our city.

Solo Members

Space Whale Studios

Space Whale makes games that are 'Familiar, but Different', that focus on combining classic gameplay with modern twists. To keep the lights on, Space Whale also provides Unity contracting services to clients.

DeerFox Games

Deerfox makes lovely games out of pixels and paper. We focus on games for women, by women, but enjoyed by all.

Christian Plummer

Christian is a cheesesteak loving programmer born and raised in the suburbs of Philly, working solo and for Hit the Sticks. I play this ‘game’ called programming. Now if only this damned computer would do want he wants instead of what he tells it to do…

IGV Studios

IGV Studios creates full core experiences which run directly in the browser. IGV’s Bravo Storm, a core multiplayer first person shooter, has hundreds of thousands of players and is constantly being updated to give players a bigger and better experience.

Chris LaPollo

Alex Gilbert

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Teams at the Forge

Cipher Prime Studios

Cipher Prime Studios makes beautiful games in Philadelphia. They were founded in 2008 and are one of Philly's oldest game studios. They live and work on one motto, "What would you do if you couldn't fail?"

Final Form Games

Final Form games was founded in 2009 by three game developers looking to go indie and live their dream of writing about themselves in the third-person. They had fought hard to get into the industry that was their home for the past half-decade or so. Now, they find themselves driving to its outskirts in search of something they couldn't find at its center.


Flyclops brings a line of classic games you already know and love to mobile. Founded in 2011, they also love creating weird-ass game jam games with atypical protagonists, such as a super stressed out mom, or an old man in a nursing home who just can't seem to get that damn spoon in his mouth.


Quadratron Games was formed back in 2011 with a strong focus on fun. Inspired by the beautiful and the challenging they continue to chase this dream of fun lead by saucy Zenas Bellace.

Grimm Bros

Grimm Bros is a new indie RPG game company of veteran developers. Founded in 2012, their entire team is spread around the world with members located in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Chicago, San Francisco, and London.

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Meet Camden

Camden Segal is lovable and talented. He’s won more Dev Night Game Jams than anyone in the Universe. When he’s not destroying us at our own game, he’s responsible for making the Forge a better place. Feel free to contact him with any Forge-related questions or suggestions!

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Where's the Forge?

The Philly Game Forge located at 3rd and Chestnut St. in Old City, Philadelphia

Philly Game Forge
239 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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